Thursday, March 12, 2009

Due To The Success Of WATCHMEN...

Okay, one of the screenwriters of WATCHMEN is *begging* fans to see it again this weekend... and the numbers crunchers are looking at the drop off from Friday to Saturday to Sunday last weekend and think bad word of mouth is at work. On message boards, fans are hating every single minor change while others (okay, that's me) are wondering why they didn't *adapt* the damned thing so that it works as a movie. Can't please *anyone* with this film - and the LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT remake is giving off a strong TAKEN vibe, and you know how well that little French film did...

But all is not lost for WATCHMEN fans! Check out this:

- Bill

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Stranger Things said...


Please tell me that's not real.

Because I *will* cry.

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