Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We'll Always Have Paris

I was going to write a new blog entry for today, but was too broken up about Paris Hilton being banned from Japan.

So here's a clip from one of my favorite movies, Bertolucci's 1900...

These two boys grow up to be DeNiro and Depardieu. The film looks at their relationship from 1900 to 1976... with the history of Italy as the "background". Ends with two old men on those railroad tracks, waiting for the train.

The "frog hat" is one of those strong images that I think about sometimes - Bertolucci's work is filled with images like that. They haunt you long after you've seen the film.

- Bill

TODAY'S SCRIPT TIP: Visuals vs. Visually Told Story - and the genius that is Roland Emmerich (really!).
Dinner: Subway Black Forest Ham.
Pages: Not a good writing day, though began the rewrite.
Bicycle: Yes, places in NoHo more North than usual.

Movies: CATFISH - *this* should be the Facebook movie.

Without giving away anything - documentary about NYC photographer develops online friendship with 8 year old painter - who has done paintings based on his photos. Begins a FB friendship with the 8 year old's hot older sister (who is legal, so Chris Hanson does not make a cameo in the film), and texts her, phones her long distance, etc. Then things get strange. He has a relationship with a bunch of people he has never met - only know from FB and texting...

There's a moment in the film that is right out of BLAIR WITCH when they decide to poke around hot older sister's place in the middle of the night - very intense.

A great look at how we live our lives in the FB age - we text, we use YouTube, we use MapQuest, we use StreetView, we talk to people on the phone we have never met, etc - we no longer have relationships with real people. We "friend" people we have never met and never will meet. Can someone you only know online really be your friend? Can you fall in love with them and have a long distance phone relationship? What if that woman you love in another state and have never met has a big secret? What if she has a husband? What if she has...

You will get ahead of the story - and they seem to do this on purpose. There is a moment where they drop a big hint, and my friends and I looked at each other because we thought we had figured it out. But we only got it half right... and the other half was what made the movie.

Check it out.

- Bill

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Pj Perez said...

I heard a great review of Catfish on NPR a week or so back. And your blog post is giving me further incentive to see it. Wonder if I can convince the GF to do so as well ...

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