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September Issue Of Script Magazine

Sept./Oct. issue of Script is on newsstands now!

The Social Network: The Truth (?) About Facebook
by Bob Verini
One of the few screenwriters whose name is known to the public at large, the creator of The West Wing and A Few Good Men turns his attention to the wild and woolly tale of how a college zero became an Internet hero… depending on whose version you believe. Aaron Sorkin offers a preview of his most contemporary feature yet, The Social Network.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
by David S. Cohen
For Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, the long-awaited sequel to Oliver Stone’s 1987 stockbroker drama, screenwriters Stephen Schiff and Allan Loeb had to revive and update one of cinema’s most iconic and charismatic villains, Gordon Gekko.

Writers on Writing: Get Low
by Chris Provenzano & Charlie Mitchell
Although they worked on the film at different stages, screenwriters Chris Provenzano and Charlie Mitchell felt the same intense desire to do whatever it took to tell the story of Get Low, the Depression-era tale of Tennessean Felix Bush.

In the Winner’s Circle With Secretariat
by Jenna Milly
Director Randall Wallace and screenwriter Mike Rich discuss their against-all-odds story of Penny Chenery, owner of the Triple Crown-
winning racehorse Secretariat, and how human and animal came together to make sports history.

Wind From the East: Manga and Anime
by Northrop Davis
Script examines the growing influence of Japanese manga and anime in Hollywood and the opportunities the global medium presents to creative minds looking to start a career in film or television.

Scenes We Missed
by John Buchanan
It’s inevitable that a scene a writer loves will be deleted from the finished film—most often for reasons of time or money instead of story. Veteran screenwriters Melissa Rosenberg, Steve Faber, and William Wisher Jr. share their experiences dealing with this tough, but tolerable, reality.

It Takes a Village: Parks and Recreation
by Zack Gutin
Script sits down with the writers behind NBC’s hit show Parks and Recreation to talk about the collaborative effort that goes into each episode of the single-camera comedy.

Michael Brandt Goes Behind the Camera
by Randy Rudder
A-list scribe Michael Brandt (3:10 to Yuma) discusses his move to directing, what he learned about writing from his new perspective, and what screenwriters should consider about becoming a hyphenate themselves.

The Screenwriter’s Second Act
by Peter Hanson
Here’s a proactive approach to take that can help you transform your first produced feature from a fluke into the foundation for a solid career.

Puppets or People? Writing Dynamic Roles Actors Will Want to Act
by Robert Piluso
Either an actor is a puppet conveying the illusion of a person, or a person conveying another person. What you, as a writer, believe regarding the role of an actor will greatly influence the attention you devote to writing characters for them to play.

Script Secrets: Blockbuster Brilliance!
by William Martell
Columnist William Martell gives the secret reasons why Avatar became the most popular film of all time… and they all come from the screenplay.

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TODAY'S SCRIPT TIP: Period Pieces - is my drama that takes place in 1610 an easy sell?
Dinner: Bob's Big Boy in Burbank: Patty Melt.
Pages: No - meetings.
Bicycle: YES! Fairly long bike ride, and the problem ended up being putting the bike on the front of the bus that took me home over Laurel Canyon - was not happy on my wrist. From Studio City rode into Toluca Lake for dinner and beers with horror people.

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