Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lancelot Link Thursday

Lancelot Link Thursday! For those of you who wonder if 100 monkeys with typewriters could write a better script than THE LAST AIRBENDER, here are some articles about screenwriting and the biz that may be of interest to you. Brought to you by that suave and sophisticated secret agent...

Here are four cool links plus this week's car chase...

1) Clint Eastwood is tired of people calling him great.

2) What kind of woman reads Playboy to blind men? (and she *does* describe the pictures.)

3) Harry Connolly's first book... Okay, I've finished reading GAME OF CAGES, and it rocks! My plan was to read a chapter or two every night before going to sleep... but Harry ends his chapters with insane cliff hangers, making the book impossible to put down. You think, "I'll just read the first part of this chapter, until Ray gets out of this insane problem", but by then, you are hooked on that next chapter and next thing you know, you're at the end of the chapter and there's another danged cliff hanger! I read the book in about 24 hours. Damn that Harry Connolly!

4) TV Tropes - which should really be called *Fiction* Tropes. Those things that happen again and again in stories... which may help prompt you if you've got writer's block.

5) This week's car chase was suggested by Matt Racicot...

SPEEDTRAP with Joe Don Baker. One of those forgetable drive in movies in the "car wreck" genre - like GONE IN 60 SECONDS.

- Bill


TODAY'S SCRIPT TIP: Changing Clothes - taking the core of another story and using it... by changing every single thing else.
Dinner: Baja Fresh - grilled fish tacos, black beans, rice.
Pages: An awful day - woke up feeling like someone had been beating on me in my sleep - back ached, etc. So, not much writing got done.
Bicycle: No... not quite up to a ride to Northridge, yet.
Movies: Well, from yesterday's Script Tip, you know I've seen EASY A... and tonight I'm seeing another movie (in Northridge), which I'll tell you about later.

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Rusty James said...

I love the randomness of Speedtrap. And I loathe white Stingrays.

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