Monday, March 08, 2010

Bill’s Live Oscar Tweets

Okay, not exactly tweets, because I was on FaceBook instead of twitter, but these were my live comments during the Oscar Awards....

William Martell Okay... time to turn on the TV and see who got robbed. at 4:44pm

William Martell Oscar upsets! Okay, so far all has been really predictable. at 6:04pm

William Martell Best Original Screenplay - Mark Boal, HURT LOCKER.... over UP. Start of a sweep, or consolation prize? at 6:17pm

William Martell Matthew Broderick looks just like FERRIS... who is that weird looking woman with him? at 6:18pm

William Martell Wow - who had the job of finding Judd Nelson, cleaning him up, sobering him up, putting on that false nose where his real nose used to be, and getting him up on stage? at 6:24pm

William Martell I once had a pair of animated shorts. at 6:32pm

William Martell I once made a documentary about shorts (for real!) - MONDO SHORTS - UNDERWEAR OF THE WORLD. at 6:35pm

William Martell Okay, where's the orchestra... ah, there! at 6:35pm

William Martell Congratulations Barney! at 6:42pm
William Martell Best Make Up Oscar went to a FB friend - and earlier today he had pictures of him and family getting into their limo on FB. Cool. at 6:45pm

William Martell Adapted screenplay... they forgot to mention board games and laundry lint. Why the worst bits of these scripts as example? Geoffrey Fletcher - PRECIOUS (etc).at 6:50pm

William Martell Congratulations to Roger Corman for the honorary Oscar! But someone needs to fire the director who missed that shot - Corman and Bacall. at 6:55pm

William Martell "One of many balls being held..." at 6:56pm

William Martell You know how the Acad only allows 3 producers per film nominated, no matter how many actually producers were involved? They should do the same thing with film titles - you get 3 words, which ones do you want? Okay, we'll just call it PRECIOUS. at 7:01pm

William Martell What does it mean when the Oscars parodies your $15k movie? at 7:21pm
William Martell Yes - that was the theme to YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN... at 7:22pm
William Martell Hey, MARATHON MAN wasn't horror! at 7:24pm

William Martell Kristen Stewart must be really really good in bed.

William Martell HURT LOCKER sweep begins? at 7:25pm

William Martell I wanted to see clips with Sci Tech Guys having to cover their laps (and boners) when they had to get up and accept their awards from Elizabeth Banks. at 7:31pm

William Martell Now the AVATAR sweep begins... at 7:36pm

William Martell Not since the dancers performed the theme to THE OMEN when I was just a kid watching the Oscars has a dance number been so... well, 7:51pm

William Martell Are they dating?

William Martell Has there ever been a year when a film and its sequel were both nominated for Best Picture Oscar? UP and UP IN THE AIR... Stories of men trapped in dead end lives who get partnered with idealistic kids and fly around and... at 7:58pm

William Martell Fisher Stevens and Michelle Pfiefer were an item for many years... during those Number 5 Is Alive years. at 8:11pm

William Martell Rota's theme from AMARCORD - distributed in the USA by Roger Corman when it was released. at 8:16pm

William Martell So, why is the guy from the USA announcing the movie with the Spanish title? At least the guy who speaks Spanish gets to announce it as winner. at 8:17pm

William Martell All of those AVATAR clips and none of them had Dileep! What a rip! at 8:21pm

William Martell Speaking of Michelle Pfeifer... She looks a million times better than Molly Ringworm. at 8:27pm

William Martell I was hoping due to a mistake, Marisa Tomei would win Best Actor this year. at 8:36pm

William Martell Do you think Sean Penn is strapped? at 8:47pm

William Martell Sandra Bullock's husband was previously married to a porn star. at 8:49pm

William Martell Hey - That's John Lee Hancock! at 8:50pm

William Martell Oh... so that's why Streisand is giving out the award. at 8:53pm

William Martell Cool - she deserves it. at 8:56pm

William Martell Wow! She didn't even have time to set down the Director Oscar! I think it's great - now maybe people will see it. Bigelow is what, 6' tall? She's a step down and as tall as the guys. at 9:00pm

William Martell I know this is Barbara Walter's last Oscar Special... but I wish last year was the last one. I'm turning off the TV now. at 9:13pm

- Bill

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