Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I was awake, working - walking around at 4:04 - and did not feel a thing.

Found the Government Earthquake Site, and was fascinated that the quake would effect two places right next to each other differently. In some parts of NoHo it's level 3, in Burbank it's level 3, in Studio City it's level 2. Pasadena is level 4, South Pasadena (closer to the quake) is level 3. Camarillo - level 2, Thousand Oaks (right next door and closer to the quake) - level 1. Lucern Valley, way out near Barstow, level 3... almost every place between there and right next to the quake, level 2. I don't know why Lucern Valley would get it worse than I did, or worse than people closer to the quake. The earth moves in strange ways.

My head cold is pretty much over - basically lost almost a week to having my head feel like it was made of wood and my nose running all over town. Now it's back to work.

Oh, you may be wondering about that script that everyone's been reading... well, some new places are now reading it (a month later) and a few of the original places have deemed it "too dark" and asked what else have I got? and are now reading some other script. Still lots of reading going on.

- Bill

TODAY'S SCRIPT TIP: Should I Worry About Budget? - and whether a new writer has a better chance with a low budget spec... or not.
Dinner: Subway - the spicy Italian.

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Richard J. McKenzie said...

It's good to see your words once again, and know that you're up and about.

The '89 quake in NoCal (ruining the World Series for the Giants) was a doozy (you were up there, yes? I was in Sunnyvale at the time.)
I've felt many small, short California shakings, but that one had me quaking in my boots for a couple of long minutes.
The world is suddenly a scarier place when the ground beneath your feet no longer seems solid and things on shelves and tabletops bounce around like the player pieces in a game of electric football.

I saw the new Alice in Wonderland and have pontificated at prolonged and humorous length about it over at the New Releases Forum.

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