Friday, March 19, 2010

Based On A True Story...

At least once a week, someone on a messageboard asks about what they legally need to do in order to tell a true story. Something they read in the newspaper or the story of a famous person or sometimes just something that may have happened to them.

My answer is always - you need a lawyer before you write anything to make sure you don't get sued. A bunch of screenwriters on a messageboard do not know all of the legal issues you're going to run into - a lawyer will probably know most of them.

Well, here's an article about the the film THE RUNAWAYS and some of the interesting issues they ran into when they did not by life rights from all band members... and one of them went from punk rocker to entertainment lawyer:

** Runaway Law **

- Bill

TODAY'S SCRIPT TIP: LOCATION IS CHARACTER - a new tip about one of the specs I wrote last year.
Dinner: Del Taco Soft Chicken Tacos... I rode my bike to get them.
Bicycle: Taco ride to Burbank.


Richard J. McKenzie said...

I really really liked the Runaways, not just because they were hot young chicks who made great noise but because, and more importantly, even back then I knew that I would be a father someday with daughters, and I would spend much time searching for kick-ass strong female role models such as these galz in media and culture, as opposed to the usual Disney dreck of spoiled princesses waiting for a man to come over and work on their plumbing (insert your best joke here).

That's my line and I'm sticking with it.

Richard J. McKenzie said...

re: today's script secret/Cowboy Nights.

I ask these questions for people to think about, not for you to answer. I have put my thoughts into the form of questions, because Jeopardy is on my mind, for some unexplainable reason.

Your cowboy gets fired.

He's fired for cause? This inherent 'badness' of his could be a pointer for us to understand why he makes his 'bad' decisions later on. His proclivity to make bad choices because he doesn't have cowgirl in his life for moral focus or whatever, say.

Is he laid off, due to urbanization and the demise of the dude ranch and the great outdoors?
(he forever 'yearns for the tumbleweed', which sounds dirty and scandalous, which is probably why I mentioned it).

Since this sounds so Elmore Leonard-ish (I have 10 of his books), I'm assuming the first one.
He could have been framed for what he was fired the bad the good girl.

You've got yourself a peach of story, a real plum, a veritable fruit salad of tasty and nutritious elements, multi-layered and full of possibilities for twists and turns. Bravo. Good Luck.

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