Monday, December 27, 2010

Week Between

I am not shacked up with Scarlett Johannson, I was not run over by a raindeer, nor was I returned without a receipt and had to pay a restocking fee... I’ve been too busy to blog. That’s why you’ve been getting all of these YouTube videos - even though, some of them were kinda cool - love the zombie one. Between family holiday stuff, hanging out with old friends, and trying to get this danged new spec finished; there’s been no time to tell you about doing all of those things.

First off - I finished the new script the day before Christmas... a couple of weeks behind schedule, but before the end of the year. This script is DREAM LOVER, the one I plan to shoot sometime in the last half of 2011 up here in the Bay Area with the guys I’ve been hanging out with. It’s a thriller with a high concept twist about a guy with a dead end job and dead end marriage who begins to have dreams about his college girlfriend and wonders where she is... and whether they might hood up again... after he dumps his cheating wife and steals the money his evil boss has been embezzling. So it’s kind of like BODY HEAT meets DREAMSCAPE - designed for most to be shot in my friend John’s luxury home. I’m happy with the first draft - it’s full of suspense and has lots of twists.

And around Thanksgiving I had a potential script sale that fell apart - but for about 2 weeks it was on again / off again and kind of consumed my attention. A producer who had a star (from a big movie that played in cinemas over summer) under contract and a director signed and a start date in January... but no script. I’m assuming they had a script but it fell out. Well, my amazing Lawyer sent them some loglines including three of mine, they wanted to read one of the scripts: Producer loved it, director loved it... star took his time deciding it didn’t wow him. Producer liked the writing, asked for another one of my scripts: Producer loved it, director loved it... star took his time deciding it didn’t wow him. End result - I don’t think they are making a movie. No way they can make their start date. Stars run the biz, and after talking to a couple of friends who have also had dealings with this star - he takes forever to make up his mind and then nothing wows him. But for a couple of weeks, my life was all about some star liking one of my scripts, saying yes, and I end up with a nice big deal. The good news is, a director and producer who have never read my stuff read it and liked it. Hey, somewhere down the road they may call me about one of those scripts.

Those couple of weeks put me behind on the spec... plus all of the holiday stuff.

I had lunch with some friends from High School who had moved away and were just back for the holidays.

I had Chicken & Waffles and saw THE FIGHTER.

It rained. A lot. Not as much as in Los Angeles, but enough to keep that new bicycle in the garage. I took it out one day, and the back tire was flat - there used to be a Shell gas station a few blocks from my parent’s house - a guy I knew from high school used to manage it (Rick), but they tore that whole block down and put in a mall with a Bed bath & Beyond. Closest place to put air in the tire? I do not know. So I returned the bike and walked down the street (been doing too much driving - no exercise!). That was one of a handful of days that it didn’t rain.

I had planned to post some new Friday’s With Hitchcock - um, one is a couple of hours from finished and a couple are partially written, but I made an executive decision to save them until next year - Christmas Eve and New Years Eve not the best days for blogs.

The plan is always to kick off the new year with 2 weeks of new tips - but I don’t see those being written in the next couple of days. I will try to get some new tips into the mix in January - which had almost all new tips last year (and some great ones) - and might end up with 2 full weeks of new tips in February instead. Still working on that.

This week I also planned to write 5 new Hitchcock articles as chapters for the first ofthe three Hitchcock screenwriting books, plus rewrite the others... um, not gonna happen.

January I begin a new spec script - which looks like it has a deal in place. I believe there’s a producer with a funding source and a distributor. It’s a movie waiting for a screenplay - which means it is waiting on *me*. No pressure. So that has to be finished before the end of January.

So this week I’m going to try to get as much stuff done as possible before New Years Eve and then next year... when I’m writing a new spec script after finishing this last spec script a few days ago. There may be some short entries, some of those movie reviews, and some more YouTube videos... maybe even some actual entries in the next week or two - but mostly, I’ll be busy writing.

So I wish all of you a Happy New Year, and I hope 2011 is *your* busy year!

- Bill


Todd said...

all the best to you for 2011... I went from learning the ropes in 2009 (do we ever stop learning?) to having two and maybe a third project in development for 2011... so not too shabby of a climb up the ladder for me (even though it's only the first step)

Pj Perez said...

Curious what you thought of The Fighter? I had pretty high expectations based on some early buzz, but I ended up feeling like it was uneven in tone, populated with bad caricatures, and even the usually reliable Christian Bale was a bit over-the-top in his performance. I didn't feel it was a waste, just more "what was the point?"

ObiDonWan said...

I find that if I'm writing a novel and it disappoints me but I still have hope for it, that turning it into a script at that point always gives me a better solution, climax, whatever.

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