Friday, December 10, 2010

Fridays With Hitchcock:

Fridays With Hitchcock seems to be on accidential hiatus as I deal with the Holidays and try to finish this new script before the end of the year.

You know, the original idea was to do one of these a week for a year... just dash out 1,000 words (4 pages) a week and post it. Nice plan, but it didn't work. Most of the entries are around 4,000 words (16 pages) and take a couple of days to write after I've watched the movie and taken notes... and finding the 2 or 3 or 4 days a week required to produce one of these entries? Hey, I have screenplays to write! So there have been months without a single entry. Sorry!

The original plan was to take those 53 articles at around 1,000 words each and add a prologue and epilogue and turn it into a screenwriting book. Um, make that 3 screenwriting books! The first, EXPERIMENTS IN TERROR, should be out early next year - the blog entries are being rewritten for the book, and the versions here will have most of the "meat" deleted (the lessons) and some new elements added (Hitch stock company players listed). So read any you missed before they go on an information diet!

Here are the Fridays With Hitchcock that have run so far, in case you missed any:

The Lost Hitchcock Film.

YOUNG AND INNOCENT (1937) - Show The Decision, Gags, A-B-C Plots, In Media Res, Disguises, Disasters, Only A Model.

THE LADY VANISHES (1938) - All Of The Caldecott & Charters Films, Unusual Act 1, Clues, Great Dialogue, Supporting Characters.

JAMAICA INN (1939) - Bumpers, Opening Scenes, 3 Act Structure, Early Reveals.

REBECCA (1940) - Negative Cinderella, Minefields, Mood Reveals, Three Characters.

FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT (1940) - Set Pieces, Gags, Leading The Audience, Human Villains, Speeches.

MR. & MRS. SMITH (1941) - Bellamys, Symbolic Characters, Visual Symbols, Escalating Conflict, POV In Scenes, "If You Know What I Mean" Subtext.

SUSPICION (1941) - Creating Suspicion, Test Audience Endings, Leitmotifs.

SABOTEUR (1942) - Nice Villains, Invisible Storytelling, Biggest To Smallest, Hitchcock's Chocolates, Trapped In A Crowd.

SHADOW OF A DOUBT (1943) - Did He or Didn't He?, Unusual Characters, Small Suspense, Protag & Antag Similarities.

LIFEBOAT (1944) - Contained Thrillers, Symbols.

SPELLBOUND (1945) - Dali Dreams, Psychiatric Mystery.

NOTORIOUS (1946) - DNA, Focus Objects, Odd Ticking Clocks, Subtext.

THE PARADINE CASE (1947) - Selznick, Converting Ideas Into Actions or Situations.

ROPE (1948) - Single Shot, What Is A Scene?, Poking The Tiger!

UNDER CAPRICORN (1949) - Fake Twists, Melodrama, Novel vs Screenplay.

STAGE FRIGHT (1950) - Flashbacks That Lie, Not My Problem (wrong protag).

STRANGERS ON A TRAIN (1951) - Transference Of Guilt, Sound Triggers, Suspense.

I CONFESS (1953) - Character & Story Flow, Chess Dialogue, Misunderstandings, String Theory.

DIAL M FOR MURDER (1954) - Focus Objects, Suspense Triggers, Unlikeable Leads.

REAR WINDOW (1954) - Kuleshov, One Point Of View, Helpless Suspense.

TO CATCH A THIEF (1955) - Alliances, Allegiances, Adversaries. Opening 10 pages.

THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY (1955) - Clever Dialogue, Comedy Suspense, Death Can Be Funny.

THE WRONG MAN (1956) - Passive Protagonists, Verite, Faith On Film.

VERTIGO (1958) - Nexus, Ticking Clocks, Visual Storytelling.

NORTH BY NORTWEST (1959) - MacGuffin Definition, Suspense, Focus Objects, Which Of These Red Caps Is Not Like The Other?

PSYCHO (1960) - Serial Protagonist, Non-Voice Over, Rule Of The Logical Opposite.

THE BIRDS (1963) - Visual Links, Unseen Threats, Building Suspense.

MARNIE (1964) - Dirty Pictures, Soap Opera Plotting, Split Screen Suspense?

TORN CURTAIN (1966) - Making Murder Difficult, When Act 3 Peters Out.

TOPAZ (1969) - Pulp Fiction, Multiple Stories, All Suplot & No Plot.

FRENZY (1972) - Hitchcock Wipes, World Of The Story, Twist Ends.

FAMILY PLOT (1976) - Intersecting Stories, Out Of Control Car, Puzzle Chase.

THE TV SHOW - You Can Watch Full Episodes On HULU - Free!

I'm going to add to this index with each new blog entry, and index the "screenwriting lessons" from each entry to make it easier to find what you may be looking for.

- Bill


Richard J. McKenzie said...

Some Hitchcock works can also be found at Internet Archive (public domain stuff), incl. THE 39 STEPS.

For those w/TCM, 12/31 has NORTH BY NORTHWEST (and several other Cary Grant films).

This weekend I begin my annual celebration, the 12 days of Groucho - a film a day, from THE COCOANUTS to A NIGHT IN CASABLANCA.

Groucho - "Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read".

Martin_B said...

28 articles so far at sixteen pages each makes -- gulp -- 448 pages. Wow. Four screenplays' worth. Amazing what you can do with steady application.

It's been an interesting series. I've read them all so far and I'm looking forward to the rest. Hope the book of the series does well.

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