Friday, October 09, 2009

London Interlude 2

“Here, take one.” It’s a bowl of gold disks, like fake gold coins. I take one and put it in my pocket before leaving the Raindance Café on my way to the cinema. I get to the cinema, and wonder what is in that gold foil container... could be chocolate, could be a condom. There were condoms in the gift bags one year at Raindance. I don’t want to open it up in the cinema lobby if it’s a condom... and I *really* don’t want to open it and pop it in my mouth in the dark cinema if it’s a condom. That means it is staying in my pocket all day until I get back to the hotel.

Except at the end of the day I’m at a party at the Raindance Café where the music is so loud you can not hear what anyone else is saying and I reach into my pocket to check the time on my iPod and... it’s slippery. Chocolate. I have a pocket full of melted chocolate. Yech!

- Bill

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