Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Film Courage Interviews

So, here are all of the Film Courage website interview so far...

Screenwriting means working on a deadline... sometimes an insane deadline:

How To Research Your Screenplay:

Creating suspense on screen:

How to land a gig:

It's a big screen, you need ideas big enough to fill it!

My First Pitch:

How to write 3 screenplays a year, every year:

You need to keep writing... even when you get an assignment:

Dispelling the myth of the Overnight Success:

The 100 Idea Theory:

The First Time I Got Paid To "Do It":

Take This Job And Shove It:

Is the thing on the counter behind me a Human Centipede With Deer?

Look for the next segment here: Film Courage Website.


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