Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Screenwriting Classes At Raindance

So, in addition to being on *two* juries, they asked if I would do some lunchtime classes during the festival and I agreed. In the past I had done 4-5 classes, this time I'm doing *7* classes! I'm not sure when I supposed to sleep. But this is the deal of the century - the classes are L5 (except fore the two Saturday classes which are only L10) and several of them are brand new.  

Script Classes from A Fiver! 


Saturday 29 September - 16:00 Tickets £10.00 Call 08712 240 242
The class of the book! How to write an effective plot twist, create unbearable suspense, design an exciting action sequence, create a high concept villain's plan, use diversion & anticipation to make your script unpredictable, and create great heroes and villains. Why an action scene is a *character* scene and a *story* scene - or it's rubbish. How to write a page-turner action script. Dozens of techniques that can be used in any genre.


Monday 1 October - 12:30 Tickets £5.00 Call 08712 240 242
From MARTYRS to ORPHAN, horror is hot! You'll learn everything you need to know to write in this genre, from creating dread, loss of free will, fear of the unknown, classic horror (like THE OTHERS) vs. Stalk & Slash and Modern Horror. How to create a monster. What do ROSEMARY'S BABY, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, THE EXORCIST, BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, THE OTHERS have in common? This class will tell you! All of the critical elements necessary to write a script that scares audience.


Tuesday 2 October - 12:30 Tickets £5.00 Call 08712 240 242
By page ten you have either hooked your reader and made them want to read more, or lost them... and they set your script aside. You don't get a second chance to make a good first impression! This class will teach you techniques that will make your first page exciting and engaging to readers, and methods to hook readers by page ten so that they *must* find out how your story ends. 


Wednesday 3 October - 12:30 Tickets £5.00 Call 08712 240 242
How to find and develop ideas that Hollywood is looking for and you are passionate about. A great script with a dull idea is a dull script. Learn tools like Magnification, Flipping, Substitution, Cousins, Word Association, why High Concept is *Your* Concept, finding your personal themes in high concept ideas.


Thursday 4 October - 12:30 Tickets £5.00 Call 08712 240 242
Two of the hottest types of stories right now are Found Footage films like CHRONICLE and PROJECT X and the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY movies, and Contained Films like BURIED and CUBE and BRAKE and PHONE BOOTH. But how do you come up with ideas like this and how do you write them? We'll look at both types of films, plus the history of each in this class.


Friday 5 October - 12:30 Tickets £5.00 Call 08712 240 242
Making your own film? Writing for a niche market? Writing a web series? This class covers everything you need to know - from Central Locations to Confined Cameos to Robert Rodriguez's school bus. Using examples from MOON, THE COOLER, STATION AGENT and films produced by the instructor for pocket change, this class is packed with information. How Indie films challenge the audience (while mainstream films reassure the audience). Writing for a budget, writing for non-actors, getting the most production value out of your budget.  


Saturday 6 October - 16:00 Tickets £10.00 Call 08712 240 242
Radical story experiments from the films of Alfred Hitrchcock. From False Flashbacks to Multiple Stories (like PULP FICTION) to Single Shot Films to Parallel Stories to Fixed Point Of View to Villain Protagonists to Symbolism to Dream Sequences (from Dali!) - Hitchcock's stories often used experimental storytelling techniques that are seen as unusual and cutting edge *today*. Discover how you can use these techniques in *your* screenplays.

- Bill

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