Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lancelot Link Thursday

Lancelot Link Thursday! For those of you who wonder why Marcel the monkey didn't get a spin off series from FRIENDS, here are some articles about screenwriting and the biz that may be of interest to you. Brought to you by that suave and sophisticated secret agent...

Here are four cool links plus this week's car chase...

1) Talk like a Cowboy!

2) The Strange World Of Sherlock Holmes.

3) What If That Movie Had Been Made In Japan?

4) The Writer Behind THE KING'S SPEECH.

5) And this week's car chase...

RIP: Peter Yates.

- Bill

TODAY'S SCRIPT TIP: Character Driven Blockbusters?
Dinner: Roast Beef sandwich at Togos.
Pages: Some pages on the new spec - I'm a little behind, but okay.
Bicycle: First medium ride since returning from the holidays!

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Todd said...

another cool one I haven't seen before

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