Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Rest In Peace - Blake Snyder

Screenwriter and screenwriting teacher Blake Snyder has passed away. His book SAVE THE CAT and his follow up books are used by many screenwriters, and were an inspiration to many. He offered advice, helped writers, and was one of the few professional writers who taught screenwriting and was really good at it.

- Bill


Rusty James said...

That's very sad.

Anonymous said...

he was a great guy... a sad day for screenwriters indeed

J.J. said...

Blake was one of the most giving people I've ever met. Anyone who puts their phone number and personal e-mail in their book is either crazy or loves people... Blake loved people and loved story telling.

Whenever anyone asked me about screenwriting I would always say, "Read Blake Snyder and Bill Martell."

Well, Bill... You're on your own. Keep riding that damned bike and start eating better!!!!

Christina said...

I loved Blake. He was my mentor and friend. I'm really upset about this. Like "mad at God" upset.

jazad said...

I've just found out about this through this blog. No I haven't been living in a cave, only in Northern England (not much difference, I know), but it was only the other day I read that Blake Snyder was putting on a seminar in London. While I was in LA last November, I went to Samuel French's bookstore and asked the clerk at the desk what the hottest screenwriting book was - to which he replied, "Save The Cat." I bought the book and thought it was good. Very sad news.

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