Saturday, June 27, 2009

Best Transformers 2 Review

I haven't seen it, and it seems like my boycott thing was a complete failure. The reviews - like Ebert's hysterical piece and his blog entry on how TRANSFORMERS 2 signals the end of the world, are great reading - funnier than most movies - but this review will save you having to ever see the movie...



- Bill


damZway said...

Check this out...

striker90210 said...

Who said you can not make money out of an adult version of the "Toy Story".

I saw it on IMAX in San Francisco. After over two hours of non-stop mayhem, the audience felt totally exhausted instead of exhilarated. The movie succeeded to shoot up the audience's body temperature to 103 and it stayed that way for over two hours. At the very end the audience was totally dehydrated. Perhaps the best pacing for an action movie is no pacing at all.

This time all branches of armed forces got involved. But that is not enough. The movie had to pull mom and dad into the final action scenes too.

I find it strange that the picture of the Hero was not on the cover of the Entertainment Weekly magazine but the picture of a robot and his love interest were.

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