Friday, January 06, 2012

Fridays With Hitchcock: TV show

I'm going to save the next Hitchcock film until next Friday, and mention the TV show.

Hitchcock had a TV show from 1955-1962 that was similar to THE TWILIGHT ZONE - but with stories of suspense and mystery (usually with a twist end). He introduced each episode, and poked fun at the dreaded commercials. The show began as a half hour, and eventually became an hour long show. He directed a couple of episodes, but many of the others were directed by young TV directors who would later become famous film directors - like Robert Altman. It's fun to look for big movie stars in early roles, too - Robert Redford and Burt Reynolds pop up in episodes. Some of the episodes are great, some just good. Like all TV, there are a handful that made airdate and are in focus. Universal has been rolling them out on DVD... but you can see many of them *for free* on There are commercials - but Hitchcock makes fun of them in his little monologues (though, these are new commercials - made after he was long in his grave). Here's a link:

Alfred Hitchcock TV Shows - Free!

And here's someone's compilation of Hitchcock monologues:

Next week we'll be back with another Hitchcock movie, but first... another one of those you-know-whats from you-know-who.

- Bill
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