Saturday, November 10, 2007

Writers Get No Respect On News

So, on Friday, while I was having lunch with a friend that couldn’t be cancelled or rescheduled, there was a massive rally at 20th Century Fox. Somewhere between 3,000 and 4,000 writers in a great show of solidarity... and a great call for the studios to come back to the bargaining table so we can hammer out a contract and ends this thing.

Because I couldn’t be there, I got the play-by-play online... and watched it broadcast on the evening news. Great helicopter shots of a mob of screenwriters. Ground level shots of the massive crowd of screenwriters. And interviews with about four...


Kelsey Grammar and three other name actors were interviewed about the strike on the news, but not a single screenwriter was interviewed. I mean, even when they had a clip of the Governor talking about how he hopes the strike will end soon, well, he’s an actor, too!

So, even when the story is *about writers* they only pay attention to the actors.

That’s just screwed.


If you wish to support screenwriters, take a minute and sign this petition, and pass it along to everyone you know:


Since 99% of screenwriter's blogs are now devoted entirely to the strike, I've decided this blog will be like that TV station that had regular programming during Hurricane Katrina and 9/11 and the California Fires. So this will be the last strike post, unless something really noteworthy happens or I find something to say about the strike that all of the other screenwriter blogs haven't yet said. Please support the WGA.

- Bill

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Christian H. said...

That is bummed out. I think writers should be wearing name tags showing their name and the last thing they wrote.

Maybe a few slogans like,

"I would have brought Frasier but I made him up."


"I'm a shut-in but my characters are the coolest."


"I'm not on strike my characters are."

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