Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Lifetime Update....

Just a quick post to update any of you wondering what's going on with Bill's horror movie for Lifetime... nothing! Lifetime passed - too scary!

So when I return from London, and finish teaching my *seven* classes for Expo, I'll do a rewrite that turns it back into full-out horror...

Just in time for AFM.

- Bill


wcdixon said...

you called it, but still...that kinda sucks

Anonymous said...

Bad luck.
Hope you have more success after you rewrite it!

aggiebrett said...

I'm shocked-- SHOCKED! -- to find that Lifetime (TV For Women) is not interested in a she-slasher flick.

And try saying "she-slasher" six times quickly.
reffing renault B

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear that Bill.


Thomas Rufer said...

I wish I could read your script. Make it great, man! People always say quality gets picked up always, just a question of time. What do you think of that, Bill?

wcmartell said...

I'm looking at it as *good luck* - the script was never really going to work on Lifetime.

- Bill

roundtree said...

i'm new here. 1st time i ever heard of bill martell was about an hour ago. i'm here to learn. and learn fast.

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