Sunday, October 07, 2018

Raindance 2018 Winners

Here they are, the winners for this year's Raindance Film Festival!

Film of the Festival – Princesita

Best UK Feature – We The Kings

Best International Feature – Princesita

Best Director – Rene Eller (We)

Best Screenplay – Sophie Fillières (When Margaux Meets Margaux)

Best Cinematography – Sergio Armstrong (Princesita)

Best Performance – Sara Caballero (Princesita)

Best DocumentaryFeature – Tre Maison Dasan

Discovery Award – Silent Night

Best Short of the Festival – Souls Of Totality

Best UK Short – Landsharks

Best Documentary Short – Earthrise

Best Animation Short – Blind Mice

Best Music Video – Solicitous

Best Festival Campaign - Mike Rogers for Matsuchiyo - Life Of A Geisha

Webfest Jury Award – Bidune Kais (Undocumented)

Webfest Audience Award – Gimel

Raindance Spirit Award – This Is Love

Congratulations to everyone!

- Bill

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