Monday, October 30, 2017

It's A Wonderful Night Of The Living Dead!

Jim Wynorski's 976 EVIL 2, which stars Brigitte Nielsen - so you know it's good, has one of my all time favorite sequences ever put on film... one of the top-heavy babes is watching TV late at night and has to choose between NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE, but her remote control goes wacky and gets both movies... and she falls asleep and ends up in the mash-up flick...

This movie was made in 1992 when mash-ups didn't exist, yet. Because both films were in public domain, it was *legal* for them to use this in their direct to video flick. It always makes me laugh that every time you hear a bell, a zombie takes you to hell.

- Bill


Anonymous said...

A film with Bridget Nielsen that I really want to see? It's like 1986 again? "Genius" though is used too frequently these days but this really is.

wcmartell said...

Probably the only reason for the mash-up was that both films were public domain and both films were well known. That someone could find the iconic scenes to connect, and have the little girl in one be the little girl in the other is amazing.

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