Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Happy New Year!

It's 2019! How the heck did that happen? The first published version of SECRETS OF ACTION SCREENWRITING is now 21 years old. It can drink! How weird is that? Where did the time go?

That's the thing about time - it blasts past whether you care or not. You wake up and 21 years have past. 21 years?

So don't wait until you are in the mood to write, or it's a better time to write, or any other excuse. Write now. If you wait, you end up a waiter (and there are plenty of waiters in Los Angeles who wanted to be writers, just never got around to the writing part).

The great thing about a new year is that it's a fresh start. Did you screw up in 2018? I did! Hey, it's 2019 now. Begin again.

Tomorrow's Script Tip is on making writing plans for the new year.

My plans for this blog for 2019:
1) Finish off season 2 of THRILLER on Thursdays (and probably start on a new old TV show that nobody cares about but me - M SQUAD (1957) which I may alternate with THRILLER sometimes).
2) The return of Lancelot Link! Was going to do this last year... and failed.
3) New Trailer Tuesdays! I did seven last year, I would like to do at least one a month this year.
4) A bunch of new Film Courage Plus entries (the interview segments have fallen off the end of the world on FC's YouTube page - they are that old!). I'm thinking about using these to replace Fridays With Hitchcock, since the full Hitchcock entries have been rewritten for the books and removed from rotation. Though I may run synopsis only versions of Fridays With Hitch... still thinking about this. Depends on how many of these I get written:
5) A new feature called All The Losers In Hollywood about some of the, um, "interesting" people I've encountered while working as a screenwriter. I did a handful last year, and want to do at least one a month this year.
6) Try to get back to reporting on what movies I have seen, how many pages I have written, and what I had for lunch. You know, the important stuff! Managed to do this for a month and a half last year, then fell off the wagon.
7) Try to create more new material and use less rerun material on the blog this year.
8) Try to find more things that annoy me about the world and write about them in an amusing way.
9) Don't quote Yoda to me!
10) I'm going to do some YouTube videos myself, 60 Seconds On Screenwriting, which will get posted here as well.

So that's my plan... next year I may be posting the same list because 2020 will be a fresh start again!

From a film about the end of the world event based on the date...

- Bill

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