Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Trailer Tuesday: Death Machines

This is an old blog entry from 2008, but since there is a remastered BluRay coming out TODAY I thought I'd rerun this entry.

This is for Bill over at Pulp 2.0... and anyone else who likes well aged cheese...

My connection to this movie? It was directed by Paul Kyriazi, who got me into the biz when he gave me 2 weeks to write NINJA BUSTERS. Paul went to the same community college that I did, and took the same film class. I would constantly bump into him at the movies - which was strange when it was some cinema 30 miles away from home showing some obscure samurai film. DEATH MACHINES was made for drive ins, shot on 35mm and probably Panavision (scope) for not much money. I saw it at the "premiere" at the Pleasant Hill Motor Movies... which is now a shooping center. No champagne at this opening, but beer was smuggled in, along with some friends, in the trunk of the car.

Paul tells a funny story about the plane explosion - they bought the plane from a guy, blew it up, then sold him back what was left for parts. The truck that drives through the restaurant? A real closed restaurant waiting to be torn down - they did it for real. The building that explodes - also set for demolition. That's how they could do this for pocket change.

The money for this film came from Ron Marchini, who wanted to be the next Chuck Norris. He wasn't much of an actor, so I think they made his character a mute. Ron has gone on to have a low budget career in action films.

DEATH MACHINES has so many bad lines, my friends and I quote them... and most of these guys worked on the film! "Hey, there go the guys that cut off my arm!" The Dragon Lady's accent is so thick you want subtitles. "I have him compweeetwy under my contwow!"


But here's the thing - this movie was made local, played drive ins, and was (I think) #11 in the USA when it opened in July 1976. It was a successful summer movie. Most of that is due to the big scenes on a small budget - which was creativity instead of cash. One of the things I learned from Paul, that's even in my article in the current Script Magazine, is to come up with a handful of "How Did They Do That? shots" - like the plane taxiing, starting to take off, then exploding. Did they kill the pilot for that shot? Doing something unusual or seemingly impossible on screen adds production value, and may not cost you very much money (just creativity).

And if you can sell back what's left of the plane as parts...

- Bill

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Cunningham said...

I can feel my arteries clogging already from the cheese...

Thank you. Where do I send the hospital bill?

People forget that movies used to be a regional enterprise, and that entrepreneurial guys who weren't afraid of hard work or a little ingenuity could succeed.

I also like the "How did they do that?" notion...food for thought.

Marc Edward Heuck said...

I don't know if you ever got to pick up a copy, but there is a very nice Panavision DVD available of DEATH MACHINES from the good folk at Code Red DVD. Even has a Kyriazi commentary track!


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