Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Trailer Tuesday: STRIPES

Harold Ramis passed away yesterday, he was almost 70 years old... and made most of my favorite comedy films from my youth. When you think of all of those great Bill Murray films? He wrote them. ANIMAL HOUSE, MEATBALLS, CADDYSHACK, STRIPES, GHOSTBUSTERS, GROUNDHOG DAY? He wrote those films. He also wrote for Rodney Dangerfield, both stand up and films like BACK TO SCHOOL and ROVER DANGERFIELD. Plus a bunch of other films from CLUB PARADISE to ANALYZE THIS and ANALYZE THAT. Oh, and he directed many of those films. Oh, and he was an actor in many of those, too...

He was a Second City comedy guy from Chicago, who did a bunch of skit work on SCTV... but you'd know his face from GHOST BUSTERS where he played Spengler. He was my favorite Ghostbuster and one of my favorite comedy actors, because he usually played the clever, quiet, shy guy on the sidelines who was often the straightman and voice of reason to someone like Bill Murray, but still fired off zingers right and left.

So today we'll look at the trailer to STRIPES, where he played Bill Murray's sidekick Russell Ziskey, which was his first movie role after a couple of years on SCTV...

I recently watched this film again for a Blue Book (avoid the "Extended Version" which has a bunch of scenes that *deserved* to be cut) and Ramis is great in it. If you haven't seen it, or haven't seen it in a while it still holds up well. Check it out.

He was at Austin Film Festival the year I was on panels (2005) and they showed GHOSTBUSTERS and premiered his new film ICE HARVEST there. I met him briefly, but I think my friend Danny had dinner at his table one night. Austin is a great event, where you mingle with the big names. I always wish I'd spent more time hanging out with some of the other guests, but I was kinda hanging with the great Shane Black, so that was okay.

Harold Ramis will be missed... but his films live on. I end up popping them in the player every once in a while, and will continue doing so. Heck, we all watch GROUNDHOG DAY at least once a year, right?


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