Friday, March 06, 2009

Nightmare At 20,000 Feet x 3

More from those crazy guys from The Media Lounge who make film collages that play in London night clubs. At Raindance one year they had a feature length program playing in the festival called BRING ME THE HEAD OF ROB LOWE, which had me laughing so hard I almost passed out. A bunch of great short pieces connected by DVD extra interviews with Robe Lowe where he said *the exact same thing* in a different location. Here are both the TV and movie versions of the classic Richard Matheson short story side by side... along with the song...

My website features a *free* Script Tip every day - I had several that used Oscar nominated films as the primary example, and I put them on the same links page, here:

Oscar Nominated Script Tips!

Since this is probably well past the pull date for all things Oscar, I figured I'd give them one last run.

- Bill

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